The early stages of my winemaking career are behind me now and I’ve matured along with my wines. I’ve been through some good years and some challenging ones, too. And this experience makes it a little easier for me to take the right decisions. I don’t even try to cater to every single taste. I don’t need Muscat or Sauvignon – they’re more at home in other places anyway! Instead, Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and the classic reds with that typical Kamptal finesse are the centre of my attention.


We make a point of taking our cue from generations past – we tend the vineyards in the same way as they did back in the day, and we don’t blindly follow the latest trends. Winemaking is all about craftsmanship. We’re guided by long-standing traditions and use hardly any machinery. That’s our way of paying tribute to the origins of our wines.

I don’t just want the winery to grow – I want my wines to become even greater.


Winemaking has been in our blood for generations. My grandmother worked in the vineyards until she was 92. She often went with me when I was just starting out, patiently putting up with my drive to get things done. I can’t even begin to say how valuable her experience was. And today, we still make use of this traditional wisdom out of a sense of conviction.