Good wine knows no boundaries. Our winery looks out over the Kamptal to the north and the Kremstal to the south. Our vines grow on both of these terroirs. We’re proud to be a part of both these regions and to have the chance to get the very best out of the grapes that grow there.


Ried Spiegel is one of the Kamptal’s premium Grüner Veltliner vineyards. Its distinctive, chalk-rich loess soil means that the vines take on lots of mineral notes. Loess is a legacy of the Ice Age and because it stores lots of nutrients, this creates excellent conditions that allow the vines to adapt to climate change – the effects of which we’re already seeing. The name ‘Spiegel’ comes from the Latin word ‘spectaculum’, which means vantage point. This was an important lookout post during Roman times. The vines on the high plateau of the vineyards are up to 50 years old – a priceless treasure for a winemaker. And we pay them the respect they deserve, harvesting grapes that produce spectacular and exceptionally elegant wines.


‘Stein’ is the German word for stone – and this location really lives up to its name. Our Roter Veltliner feels right at home here – the stony ground absorbs heat which it passes on to the vines when the cool night-time winds blow from the Waldviertel region towards the Donautal valley. 100,000 years ago the Danube flowed the best part of 100 metres higher than its current course. The gravels from the river are rich in quartz and together with the sandy, loamy fine sediment they provide the ideal soil for producing full-bodied wines brimming with character.


First documented in 1284, these vineyards are without doubt among the most important in the Kremstal valley. The terroir is tailor-made for Riesling, made up of deposits from the prehistoric River Traisen, which ran from the Limestone Alps and emptied into the primordial sea that covered what is now the area around Krems and Langenlois. Our vines are in the steepest section of the vineyards. Some of the terraces are secured by stones, which creates a unique microclimate; in tandem with the mineral-rich soil, this produces exquisite wines. There are also fantastic views of Krems and the Donautal. So all in all, our Riesling grapes couldn’t have it any better!

Some people like to grab the limelight.
But I prefer to let my wines do the talking.